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Kemoterapide saç dökülmesine son

We help cancer patients protect their hair during chemotherapy

Hair loss in oncology patients undergoing chemotherapy is prevented by the scalp cooling method. With the method of using ice helmets to protect the hair, the side effects that cause great trauma, especially in women, are minimized.

They even give up on treatment

Kent Hospital Oncology Center Coordinator Medical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Rüçhan Uslu said, “The external appearance, the fact that it is obvious from the outside that they have cancer, and the thought that their children will be badly affected by this situation, wear out the person emotionally. This situation can even cause consequences such as refusal of treatment. “Thanks to the silicone head connected to a small freezing system, the veins in the scalp shrink and hair loss is prevented by preventing the chemotherapy drug from reaching the hair follicles.”

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