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What is Chemotherapy?

It is the medical language of the drug administration made to kill cancer cells or stop their proliferation in cancer treatment.

What is the reason for hair loss that occurs during this treatment of cancer patients?
Alopecia in hair loss or medical language is one of the most known and stressful side effects of chemotherapy. Ethics of drugs used in chemotherapy; the most common are malignant cells that divide rapidly. These drugs that kill cancer cells also affect healthy cells in our body. These drugs constantly affect healthy hair cells that are alive and ready to grow. Depending on the method of application of the drugs, the application time, and the treatment protocol used, they cause hair loss at different rates in treatments. For example; Weekly medications cause less hair loss than those given every three weeks, and oral medications cause less hair loss than those used intravenously.

Scalp Cooling System

What are the negative effects of this hair loss on the patient?

Hair loss creates a serious psychosocial effect on patients. There are serious effects such as self-confidence and loss of value. These effects are more pronounced, especially in female patients. The appearance of hair loss is a separate source of stress for patients by bringing it to the forefront as a symptom of the presence of cancer, which it perhaps wants to hide in the society.

So, is it possible to prevent this hair loss?

Although hair loss is the most common side effect of chemotherapy, there is less interest and importance in preventing or managing this symptom compared to other side effects. Although there are various scientific studies on this subject in the world, the scalp cooling system “Scalp Cooling System” is the most effective and scientifically proven method among these studies. Although this technique has been used in the world for approximately 40 years, its clinical use is extremely low.

Can you explain this method a little? How is it implemented?

In this method, using core devices, the patient’s scalp is started to be cooled before the treatment, and then the treatment is started. However, this cooling process continues during chemotherapy. Due to the cooling of the scalp, it causes contraction of the capillaries in this area, and thus, the access of drugs to the scalp during chemotherapy is prevented, and the hair cells are minimized. At the same time, since this system reduces the functioning of hair cells, it provides the least side effects in reaching medications. This application is done with the help of specially manufactured devices. These devices are located in a number of centers in Turkey. As the Medical Oncology department of Private Medline Adana Hospital, we have this device because we take care of our patients’ mental health as well as their physical health.

Does This Method Have A Warranty?

The hair loss of the patient varies from person to person and according to the drug regimen used. We cannot give any guarantee to patients, but it is the most effective method that can be applied at the moment. Studies (Massey SM, A multicentre study to determine the efficancy and patient acceptability of the Paxman Scalp Cooler to prevent hair loss in patients receiving chemotheraphy. Eur J Oncol Nursing, 8; 121 – 130.2004)

Are There Any Side Effects of This Method?

Some individuals may feel a little discomfort due to the cold, except for headache, there are no known significant side effects.

Is the Device Using This Method Commonly Available in Turkey?

Since they are expensive systems and their use requires technical knowledge and skills, they are not widely used. For now, Private Medline Adana Hospital is one of the few hospitals that have a device in Turkey.


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